2015 and 2016

IDIL in 2015 and 2016 had 65 staff members, who worked in the besieged area of the Homs governorate.

Through this, the team gained massive experience in implementing various interventions under the organization’s programs. The quality output of tens of projects in 2015 while adjusting to the harsh working conditions of the besieged areas resulted in building up of the team’s capacity professionally.


In 2017, the team had crowned the year by involving 197 members. The responses to the besieged and hard-to-access areas had witnessed huge efforts by IDIL team. Those who played a crucial role in establishing human resources core based on their cumulative experiences.

2018 and 2019

By 2018, the number of staff members at IDIL had reached 328. Unfortunately, in March of that year we encountered a catastrophic scene that led to the forced displacement of thousands of people from Homs’ countryside, including a vast majority of the IDIL field team who themselves became diaspora across various Syrian regions. Later in the same year and continuing into 2019, IDIL took a step forward by relocating its programs to Idelb and Aleppo governorates with a total of 127 team members.